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  • Julian Reynoso

Annual Griffmas celebration saw some new changes

By: Julian Reynoso, News Reporter

Canisius held their annual celebration of Griffmas last Friday in the Quad, beginning with the lighting of the Christmas tree and a speech by President Stoute.

At 5:30 p.m., a line of students began from the Palisano stairs to Christ the King Chapel outside in the Quad. They all quickly moved to the Student Center once news came out that the Griffmas crewnecks were being handed out at Grupp. Soon after that, the Student Center was flooded with students all trying to get their hands on that one special sweater.

In their pursuit for the apparel, they were told that if they wanted to receive one, then they had to go watch the lighting of the Christmas tree. After they were told this, the Quad was filled with students again as it began to rain. The moment that the tree was lit up, students ran to Grupp all trying to beat each other there so that they could be first in line.

There were over one hundred students lined up outside Grupp, crowding the doors, making it a struggle for those tending to the event when trying to get into the room as they were transporting the materials for the giveaways.

Once the event began in Grupp, two people swiped students for Petey Points and attendance, and sent them in so they could enjoy the several different activities offered. The station that held the most students was the sweater station. Many of the students who walked into Grupp got their sweaters and left after having received what they waited so long for, ignoring the rest of what was offered to them.

Those who did participate in the other offerings were welcome to take pictures with festive Petey the Griffin, take another photo where their picture would be printed out and put into a snow globe as a memento of Griffmas, make their own Christmas tree ornaments, get containers with food and make spinning splash art that was Canisius-themed. After enjoying all of these, students could go downstairs to the first floor of the Student Center to enjoy some hot chocolate.

Special guest appearances were made by both Vice President Harold Fields and President Stoute, and their families to enjoy the festivities with students. They walked around Grupp, talking to students and taking part in the activities offered.

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