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  • Marissa Burr

Why Buffalo?

By Marissa Burr

There’s an age old question: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Now I don’t really know the correct answer to that question–nor do I fully believe Google’s–but in our lives, I think there’s a more relevant question that inspires the same amount of confusion.

Which did you fall in love with first, Buffalo or Canisius?

It seems pretty straightforward since we all inevitably chose to study at Canisius, and Buffalo just happened to be the city it was located in. But is it really that simple?

When touring colleges, I remember the surrounding area being just as important to me as the institution itself. It became a determining factor once I had narrowed my choices down to my favorite of the five I had been accepted to. Keuka College was nice, but the campus sat at least twenty minutes from any stores or businesses. University of Michigan had always been a dream school of mine, but it would put me over six hours from my family. That left me with three choices, Canisius included.

The other two universities were in small towns with a lot of open space and serenity. The problem was, these areas were identical to the one I had spent the previous seventeen years in.

Buffalo was something different; the city was busy, loud and wild. I loved it.

I didn’t have to drive a half hour to find a department store, nor was it necessary to even own a car. I could ride buses or rent bikes to get around just as easily. Not to mention the fact that just a ten minute walk could take you to a completely different type of neighborhood than the one you’d started in.

So I committed to Canisius and spent the remainder of my time at home researching all of the ways I could get involved in on campus and what life would be like on the day-to-day. The campus being in Buffalo was a plus for me, but I never thought I’d spend much time outside the boundaries of the college.

Then I moved here, and my love for not only Canisius, but Buffalo, grew as well. Everywhere I went there were murals decorating buildings and little parks in the middle of infrastructure. The amount of small businesses amazed me, and it’s still a goal of mine to try as many as I can during my time at Canisius.

Of course Buffalo is also a college student’s dream city. You can get pizza, Chinese and cookies pretty much any time, day or night. Need a last minute gift? There’s half a dozen places you can go within a ten minute drive.

The community is nothing to ignore either. I love the people connected to the campus; the professors, classmates, employees and quad-kittens are the sweetest. But the people you’ll meet on the street and in grocery stores are the same way. Never have I been in a place where people aren’t afraid to compliment others and greet total strangers. Buffalo being called “The City of Good Neighbors” isn’t a baseless title.

So back to my original question: Did I fall in love with Buffalo or Canisius first? I can say with confidence that it was Canisius. I don’t think anyone can really appreciate the city until they’ve lived in it. But once you’re here, it’s hard to want to be anywhere else. I encourage everyone to step outside your dorm or apartment and explore the city you’re in. There’s something for everyone.

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