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USA Holds Special Election to Find New VPBF and VPMPR

By Natalie Faas, News Editor

The Undergraduate Student Association (USA) announced earlier this semester that they were looking for applicants to take over the roles of Vice President of Business and Finance (VPBF) as well as Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations (VPMPR).

Senior Jake McLlaughlin currently serves as VPBF and senior Julia Slazyk serves as VPMPR. Both McLaughlin and Slazyk are graduating this winter therefore leaving vacancies in the executive board positions.

The USA is holding a special election to fill these vacant positions and voting began on Monday. There is only one candidate running for VPBF. Geetanjali Singh (Gee) is a junior psychology major. Singh is a first-generation college student as well as a tour guide, HEOP peer counselor, resident assistant and was a lead orientation leader. She is also currently the treasurer for the Fusion Gaming Society, member of Anime Club and Afro American society.

There are two candidates for VPMPR, senior Elnara Karadzhayeva and sophomore Mitch Popovski. Karadzhayeva studies political science and international relations and she is a member of the ULLC scholarship program. “I have had the pleasure of holding multiple executive board positions including president of LASAF and vice president of Model UN,” Karadzhayeva said. “Through these roles, I have been able to educate the Canisius community about justice and the global world. These experiences have allowed me to develop my leadership skills and therefore it would be a great opportunity to bring my insight to the position of VPMPR.”

Popovski currently serves on USA as the vice speaker. He majors in history and was an orientation leader and also works in the Office of Student Life. “I hope to continue to build upon USA's relationships with clubs at Canisius and allow students to book meetings with me if they have any questions or concerns they want brought before Senate. Unless the student wishes to bring the question directly to Senate, which we all encourage!” Popovski said.

The special election will conclude at 4 p.m. on Friday Dec. 2. Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development Jason Francey sent out a form for all undergrads to vote, or it can be found on Griffnet in the student portal.

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