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USA appoints new marketing chief; e-board elections upcoming

An hour after some of its members debated for next year’s presidency, the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) assembled in the Regis Room for its weekly Tuesday meeting. After a productive conversation with Associate Dean of Students Debbie Owens about ways to improve New Griff Orientation, the senators deliberated over two candidates to fill the vice president for marketing and public relations (VPMPR) e-board position for the remainder of the semester.

Senators were equally impressed with sophomore Senator Genevieve Fontana, a digital media arts major who runs her own business, and Julia Slazyk, a junior senator and the sole candidate for the VPMPR position in the upcoming school year. After a brief executive session, the e-board nominated Slazyk, who was then officially confirmed by the Senate.

President Alyssa Deacon said that Fontana “has incredible skills … but we’re looking at four weeks [left in the VPMPR’s term] and we really need someone that understands the organization that can just hit the ground running.” This appointment will allow Slazyk to transition smoothly, Deacon continued, and because Slazyk is graduating after the fall term, there will be an opportunity for Fontana to “step up to the plate” next spring.

An appeal by the CrescenDON’Ts to repaint their club room door, which Vice President for Business and Finance Matthew Johnson noted is in “tough shape,” in addition to a table and chairs for the room, was passed without objection. The Afro-American Society appealed for their Afro ball and fashion show and the Accounting Society appealed for a Lasertron outing as well as a golf outing. These appeals were also passed unanimously.

Committee quick hits: J.U.S.T.I.C.E chair Hawa Saleh announced that anti-solitary confinement activist Jerome Wright will be on campus sometime in April. Sustainability chair Fontana discussed plans for a clothing swap (“Kind of like a thrift store between all the dorms”) during Earth Week in mid-April. Public health chair Chris LaRussa urged participation in next Tuesday’s blood drive to be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Science Hall Commons.

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