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This week in Senate

The Undergraduate Student Association covered a wide variety of topics at this meeting, from the effects that COVID-19 had on campus to general student concerns.

The first guest speaker was Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Sara Morris. She handled questions about how academics would be handled while COVID-19 remains a threat.

In general student concerns, a student said she kept receiving warning tickets from Public Safety while parked in a handicapped spot with a handicapped tag in her car.

Five new freshmen senators were appointed: Megan Campbell, Michael Dobrasz, Alexa Giola, Gabby Kaderli and Sharon Smith.

The meeting continued with President Alyssa Deacon asking the members of the Senate for qualities that they would like to see in the college’s new president. Deacon is a part of the search committee to find the replacement for President John Hurley.

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