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  • Erik Schneider

The Significance of Supportive Students

By Erik Schneider

For those who don’t know me I’m Erik Schneider and I’m a Facilities Management 2nd Shift Housekeeping Foreman here on campus. I’m also a student majoring in Digital Media Arts. When I started back last fall, I was very nervous because I haven’t been in school since I graduated from Lockport High School in 2011. The classes I took, I was in a class that wasn’t in my age group and that’s okay. I got along with my classmates and became good friends and it was a good feeling to have.

Coming back to school was a complete game changer. I graduated from high school and had to dust off the cobwebs in my brain to get myself refamilarized with having a routine, classwork, homework, essays, learning new software, etc. It was the best moment of my life. The workload has been a bit tough but I make sure I ask questions, have my professors clarify what I need to do with classwork because I have a learning disability and have been overcoming it for a very long time. I thank my family and friends that helped me along the way on this journey. I felt very supported by the students here at Canisius. I’ve been working here for over 6 years and having the students supporting me in my college journey makes it all the better.

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