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The Best Study Spots on Campus

Maddy Lockwood, Assistant Features Editor

As a fresh sophomore and former freshman who hated studying in her dorm room, I have accumulated what seems to be a comprehensive list of some study spots that happened to inspire my uninspiring amount of homework.

My professors started freshman year off with what seemed to be an ungodly amount of work (especially for the first two weeks of classes). I quickly figured out that sitting at the desk in my dorm room, less than five feet from my roommate who was always doing something, was not going to be the best environment for homework. So, now I bestow upon you my go-to homework spots:

  1. The bottom floor of the library. I know this one is obvious, but hear me out. The bottom floor of the library is my best friend. It’s best to spend some time down there during and after dinner time because it can get a bit busy during the day. You can see people and talk with the people around you at a low volume (emphasis on the low volume) while still getting work done. Personally, unless I need to really crank out a final or large paper, I enjoy seeing other people roaming around and getting things done.

  1. The top floor of the library. Again, I know obvious but it’s perfect for some major productivity with complete silence and what feels like an empty floor. Most of the time you will only see people if you are sitting next to the entrance or the bathrooms. The nooks along the bookshelves perfectly create your own study world. Make sure to pack headphones and snacks and do a lap around the top floor your first few times to see some of the different seating areas before you decide on a spot.

  1. The common room of my freshman dorm. It can be hard to find a time where people aren’t constantly walking by, but after 8 p.m. it can be a great place to sit and get some work done. I appreciated that I could sit in my pajamas with a blanket while having a large space to get stuff done.

  1. Science Hall Commons. Taking one of the free-moving chairs with a built-in table and spinning it to face the window has to be one of my favorite things to do and places to study. You can avoid a lot of the foot traffic by picking a chair near the far wall and looking towards what used to be the parking garage. Normally, passing periods are the only time it can get a bit loud and chaotic there. Make sure to check Griffnet before settling in for a long study night to make sure there isn’t an event in there that evening.

  1. Commuter Lounge. The lounge is usually loud and busy during the day, but after the majority of classes are done for the day and most of the commuters have gone home, it can be a great place to work. The lighting isn’t as bright as the library is, and it is much closer to the dorms than the other locations on this list.

  1. Fourth floor of Old Main. After about 4 p.m. this floor is deserted and completely silent to get a good focus session going. The chairs are comfortable, and there are plenty of outlets to charge everything. Sometimes I will even play my music/video assignments out loud because of how dead it is up there. This is normally my go-to if the library isn’t doing it for me.

This list is in fact near and dear to my heart so I must make the request that not everyone steal my spots, otherwise I will have to cite this article to my professors as to why my homework is not done. Try out all these spots and switch up your study areas until you find your favorite. Always remember that no matter how much homework or stress you have, it will always be a great day to be a griff!

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