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  • Jenna French, News Editor

Surface lot to be completed next year

Vice President for Business and Finance Tim Balkin said that Canisius’s long-awaited surface lot should be completed before the beginning of the 2022-23 academic year.

The new surface lot will have a total of 421 parking spaces with handicap spots. Balkin said he is also hoping that they can install six electric vehicle charging stations.

“It was getting to the point that it wasn’t worth repairing. It’s also not very attractive,” Balkin said. “A surface lot will also significantly improve the appearance of the campus and it will be safer. The Hamlin Park neighborhood is very happy that it’s being taken down.”

Between demolition, asbestos abatement and construction, Balkin estimates the surface lot will cost the college $3.5 to $4 million. Recently, the college sold two properties and netted $2.3 million that will be reinvested into the lot.

The asbestos abatement is targeted to be finished in the middle of October. Then, the college plans on completing the demolition process as soon as the abatement is complete.

“We were a bit surprised by the level of asbestos abatement that had to be done,” Balkin said.

Before the removal of asbestos, the college was already committed to finishing the surface lot by the end of November. Due to the amount of work that needed to be done, they were forced to extend this project into next year since asphalt plants are closed for the winter season.

Director of Facilities Tom Ciminelli said that the structure of the parking ramp wasn’t disturbed. During the abatement process, they are constantly monitoring the air quality.

photo credit: Elliot Sarnov

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