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Students organize protest as a response to sexual assault lawsuit

Two Canisius students organized a short protest last Friday in response to the recent sexual assault lawsuit filed against the school.

Seniors Savannah Karcz and Bekira Rabinowitz organized and led the protest outside Bagen Hall, which houses the office of President John J. Hurley as well as other administrative staff.

About 10 protesters, a mixed group of men and women, gathered to listen to Rabinowitz and Karcz tell stories about sexual assault on campus as well as statistics related to the issue. The protest seemed to gain attention from those inside Bagen; however, the blinds on President Hurley’s office were closed.

“As a freshman, they really promoted that Canisus was a safe campus and that they cared about sexual assault,” said Rabinowitz. “As soon as I entered fall semester of my freshman year, I knew boys in my dorm who were r*pists.”

Karcz and Rabinowitz are organizing a petition calling for the firing of President Hurley, Athletic Director Bill Maher and Nate Huckle, the cross country and track and field coach. Both Maher and Huckle are listed as defendants in the lawsuit.

“Thank you to the faculty that do keep speaking out in support of victims and telling administration about these events,” Karcz said after the protest.

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