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  • Jon Dusza, News Editor

Previewing President Stoute’s Inauguration

Steve Stoute will be officially inaugurated as the 25th president of Canisius College in a ceremony on Saturday, October 22nd.

The theme of President Stoute’s inauguration, who has been president since July 1st, 2022 following the retirement of former president John Hurley, will be RISE: Renewing the Canisius community’s dedication to justice; Inspiring a new generation of leaders; Serving each other with love; and Empowering others to do that as well, a press release from the college said.

During the ceremony, a procession of members of the Canisius Board of Trustees and Board of Regents, delegates from other schools throughout the country and members of the Canisius faculty, staff, and student body, all wearing academic robes will be present. Additionally, representatives from organizations with which the college interacts often, such as the city of Buffalo and the federal government will be present as well.

In addition to being inaugurated as the president of the college, Stoute will also be missioned by the Society of Jesus, otherwise known as the Jesuits. Missions like these are a tradition among the 27 other Jesuit colleges in America, as the president of the college is expected to make sure, among their other tasks, that the school lives up to the Jesuit values they are supposed to espouse.

In order to accommodate guests for the inauguration, parking will be limited throughout campus. The upper and lower KAC lots, the Churchill Tower lot, the Old Main/Hughes lot, the Bagan lot, and the Health Science lots will all be closed Friday evening into Saturday.

Before being chosen as the next president of Canisius last winter, Stoute was chief of staff and vice president for strategic initiatives at DePaul University, another Catholic school. Stoute was born in Trinidad and Tobago and immigrated to the United States in 2000 to get an education. Stoute is also the first person of color to be president of Canisius College.

News Editor, Natalie Faas will be live tweeting Saturday’s events on her twitter @NatalieFaas beginning at 10:30.

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