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  • Julian Reynoso

Poland gets hit by a missile due to the war in Ukraine

According to The New York Times, last Tuesday, a small village in Poland was hit by an S-300 air defense missile from Ukraine killing two farm workers.

On Tuesday, Russia launched a barrage of roughly 100 missiles at Ukraine, forcing them to defend themselves from the bombardment of missiles, leading to one of Ukraine’s air defense missiles accidentally hitting a small village in Poland.

This incident immediately prompted NATO to meet and discuss whether or not they would have to intervene since one of their allies was hit. During their meeting, the president of Poland spoke out about the incident saying that it was most likely an accident when defending against the attack from Russia.

Confusion arose when first examining the site of the explosion because Russia and Ukraine both use the same air defense missiles, making it difficult to discern where the missile came from at first.

The NATO secretary general stated that even though the missile did come from Ukraine, it is Russia that started the war between them, forcing Ukraine to defend themselves like this, and effectively blamed Russia for the explosion.

All of this prompted Russia’s response saying that it was not their missile that landed, and even asking NATO for evidence that led them to believe it was Russia who caused the explosion. According to The New York Times, Russia’s foreign ministry said “Ukraine ‘seems to take every opportunity to blame Russia.’”

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