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Notes from Underground 3/24/23

Mrsa Brrr is elected as The Griffin’s Editor of the Week. The other members of The Underground are proud of her, yet also feeling slightly betrayed. Some speculate that Pay Heavy had something to do with her victory, but he will not provide a comment. Nonetheless, her newfound power over the candy drawer being used to hand out sweet treats to all has shown she is a benevolent leader.

Shingles has returned and would like to air out her grievances about the sudden lack of consistency in the NFTU house. Having promised the people LORE, it is lore that they shall receive. The Underground is an entity that The Griffin has contained. No one should question The Underground, and the last person to do that was about three years ago, and it did not end well.

Shingles would like to encourage our dear readers to contribute to Readers Rite. Every time you submit something to Readers Rite The Underground had promised to try harder to be funny. Also, a disco ball spawns in the middle of the room and we get to have a mini dance break in the dungeon (the office). Only Shingles can call the office the dungeon, or the Phantom’s Lair, or the Pit of Dispair, or Canisius’ Ohio.

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