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Notes from Underground 12/2/22

By Pal Hearty

With the election of Elnara Karadzhayeva and Gee Singh, the USA Executive Board is no longer composed of only J names. The Underground suggests that perhaps no people whose name begins with J should be elected to positions of authority.

As much as The Underground admires Mrs. Stoute, she is not, as the recent Canisius College Magazine suggests, “the symbolic mother to Canisius College’s student body.” You can’t just dethrone Elaine Mrugala like that. Maybe after decades of solving every single problem a club leader has can Mrs. Stoute claim that title from Elaine.

After last week’s cookie contest was proposed, Mrsa Brrr was met with multiple warnings that she should not try any cookies that she did not bake herself because of her extreme allergy to both tree nuts and artificial strawberries. Brrr rejects these and requests that members of The Griffin pay their respects to her in the form of baked goods.

The Underground’s award for Best Event This Semester goes to Matt Kochan’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich giveaway on Thursday. More, please.

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