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Notes from the Underground 11/17/2023

You’ve heard of girl math, but get ready for Stoute math! This past Saturday at Open House, President Stoute addressed parents and high school seniors. In highlighting how special Canisius University is, he said anticipates that 5,000 students will apply, and that the incoming freshman class will be roughly 500 students. This gives us a 10% acceptance rate. Ivy League who?

Last week, the news of Harry Styles shaving his head circulated The Griffin office leaving our One Direction-loving Editor-in-Chief in complete shock and heartbreak. She has since taken a recess from her duties to mourn this loss and will not be returning until his name is legally changed to “Baldy Styles”. 

On Thursday, November 16, faculty and staff served Thanksgiving dinner to students at the dining hall. Many professors, upon seeing the state of the food available, have made the decision to automatically excuse any “d-hall syndrome”-related absences – no questions asked.       

The Underground would like to remind their loyal readers how thankful we are for them, this week and every week! Happy Thanksgiving from The Griffin to you! 

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