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Notes from the Underground 04/01/22

The Underground loves to see USA senators grilling each other. After Student Interests Committee Chair Carlo Mastrodonato announced that the April 28 “Thursday in the Quad” event will include a Ted’s food truck, Senator Rami Daham demanded to know whether, “there would be hot dogs this time? Sometimes there are no hot dogs.” Mastrodonato thankfully affirmed the tentative presence of the famed charcoal-broiled delicacies.

Half of Canisius students had never attended a maskless college classroom before this week. That’s the note.

By winning three games in the men’s NCAA basketball tournament, the St. Peter’s Peacocks men’s basketball team won the MAAC $5 million. Canisius will thus receive $700,000. Just enough to pay our president for one year!

The Underground congratulates USA members Jasmine Thomas, Alyssa Deacon, Chris LaRussa and Matthias Johannsen for their appearance on the Today show over spring break.

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