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Notes from the Underground 03/31/23

Mrsa Brrr started the week slightly disappointed when she went to the Tim Hortons on campus to get a donut for her grandmother. Brrr was spending her day off driving two hours to go see the lovely woman in her nursing home, and all she wanted was to bring her grandmother a glazed donut — her grandmother’s favorite. Unfortunately, there weren’t any, and since she was already running late, there was no time to check a different location. She settled for a pack of glazed Timbits instead, but to her relief the matriarch was just as happy with the bite-sized versions. Brrr’s aunt even said that Timbits may be a better option altogether because they don’t require any cutting up. The lack of whole glazed donuts couldn’t ruin her week that easily.

The Underground, as well as members of The Griffin, have been more amazing than usual this week and have made Mrsa Brrr tear up multiple times at their heartfelt sentiments directed her way. She thanks them and expresses her deep gratitude to the universe for giving her the opportunity to meet these people.

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