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Notes from the Underground 03/11/22

Good luck to the members of Little Theater luck in their performances of “Like You Like It” this weekend at Marie Maday Theater. The Underground is skeptical that you can best last semester’s remarkable performance in “Clue,” but it would delight in being proven wrong.

Is it really a week at Canisius if you haven’t received an email about running for USA from Zoe Kaminski? The next USA executive vice president has a big pair of shoes to fill — and a lot of capital letters to spam in email subjects.

Today is National Middle Name Pride day. The Underground just asks that, in your celebrations, you refrain from jokes about “my middle name is (insert adjective).” Thank you.

The Canisius College Overwatch team is killing it. Or rather, they’re being killed. The Underground is only left to wonder if the Canisius Athletics Department is eyeing the 1–10 esports team as a model of success.

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