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Notes from The Underground 02/17/23

Shingles has returned (!) and would like to encourage our dear readers to contribute to Readers Rite. Every time you submit something to Readers Rite, The Underground has promised to try harder to be funny. Also, a disco ball spawns in the middle of the room, and we get to have a mini dance break in the dungeon. Only Shingles can call the office the dungeon, or the Phantom’s Lair… or the Pit of Despair… or Canisius’s Ohio.

Also, Shingles would like to formally apologize to Features Editor Ava Green. Ava had two beautiful paragraphs that somehow disappeared from the print edition of The Griffin. Shingles is willing to hunt down the parties responsible and tell them “I am not mad… I am just disappointed.”

An epidemic of sickness has flown through The Underground and taken out a third of its members for the second Thursday this semester — Mrsa Brr being the most notable casualty. She advises others to continue washing their hands, using sanitizer and staying away from others if infected. This disease has turned a once-proud editor into a sniffly and weak shell of an author as she struggled to even write a paragraph this week.

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