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  • Briana Wasil


By: Briana Wasil

There’s a story of every person

And another you haven’t met

They take the form of voices,

Striving to invade your mindset

Like mirror reflections of picture perfect


Fused with dark shadows that light leaves

All the pessimistic agitations

Your mind just always seems to believe

When thunder clashes in your mind

And lightning booms within your soul

The wind rains with imperfections

While the storm shatters you as a whole

Your light becomes much dimmer

And you feel as though you can’t hear

Your floating on a tidal wave

That never seems to disappear

And a thousand other voices stand

Across from you on shore

But your more focused on the waves

And not sinking to the bottom of the ocean


If only you could open your eyes to the

vision that others can see

Maybe then you’d understand

How you look in the face of reality

How your story starts with you,

And the person you wish to be

Maybe you haven’t met each other,

but that’s a goal to achieve.

Like a broken fragment that’s only lost,

Cracked but still working,

It connects to form a picture

Of content memories reemerging.

When peace consumes your mind,

And the air breezes through your soul,

The clouds shape perfections,

While the chorus builds you up as a whole.

Your a flaming light in the world,

Feeling as though you can hear for miles

Surfing on a tidal wave,

Controlling all its dials.

And a thousand other voices stand

Across from you on shore,

Cheering and waving,

Watching as you soar.

If only you could open your eyes,

Then maybe you could see

How your mind is just a barrier

Between the person you want to be.

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