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Meet USA’s newest senators

Freshman Ahmad Jandel

Jandel is a freshman expecting to graduate in 2025. He is a biochemistry major and is the vice president of RHA, as well as a member of the Urban Leadership Learning Community. Jandel wanted to be a senator because he “wants to be a part of something bigger than just you and me, [and to] be able to be the voice of all 1,987 undergrads,” he said. He believes that he can bring “qualities such as creativity, leadership, perspective, advocating, ambition, determination and selflessness.”

Freshman Navroop Cheema

Cheema is a freshman who expects to graduate in 2025. She is a business economics and political science double major with a law and public policy minor, on the pre-law track in the All-College Honors program. She is also part of Phi Alpha Delta, the Honors Student Association, Society of Economics and Finance, Griffins Giving Back and Mock Trial. “I wanted to be a class senator in hopes of gaining my peers' trust, in that they will let me know anything that is particularly discouraging them from being successful at Canisius, as well as improving the academic attitude on campus,” she said. As an Indian-American woman, she is excited to bring another unique perspective to the Senate. Cheema continued, “Additionally, my more recent career path of joining the United States Air Force and forming important connections at training will allow me to maintain discipline and strong leadership roles within the Senate.”

Sophomore Genevieve Fontana

Fontana is a sophomore planning to graduate in 2024. She double majors in animal behavior, ecology and conservation and digital media arts. She is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma, Project Conservation, the National Society for Leadership and Success, Digital Media Arts Club, Zoological Society and Phi Theta Kappa. As a transfer student, Fontana wants to work on building school relationships. “As a senator of the sophomore class, my hope is to be a resource for students to go to in order to get information and share their concerns. I am excited to be part of a group of change-makers that can make measurable differences in the community,” she said. Fontana is especially passionate about conservation and the planet. She also enjoys art and “always wants to help others in need.”

Senior DesTiny Overton

Overton is a senior who expects to graduate in 2022. She is a health and wellness major with a minor in strength and conditioning. Overton is on the rifle team and is also the president for three clubs: Griffins Giving Back, Quidditch and Donate for Life. She is also a member of Phi Sigma Sigma and the Mock Trial team. “My bubbly energy and determination is what I feel I bring to the USA. I keep pushing others to be the best they can be while maintaining that fun charisma around campus,” Overton said. As a senator, she wants to be a voice for all students on campus and demonstrate for them that it is good to take initiative. She said she wants to “inspire and motivate others to follow their passions and speak up for what they may feel passionate about.”

Senior Kobe Soriano

Soriano is a senior intending to graduate in 2022. He is a political science major with a criminal justice minor, and he is a member of SPB, C-Block, SigEp and is also a tour guide. He explained that he wanted to be a senator because he wants to “make the Senate a more welcoming space for all students to come and take part in our meetings and help make a difference in our campus.” Soriano believes that his experiences in on-campus leadership, event planning and his time on SPB are what led him to eventually becoming a senator.

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