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Meet The Editors: Jon Dusza

By Natalie Faas, News Editor

Jon Dusza is a Buffalonian in every sense of the word. He has strong passions for what makes Buffalo the city it is. Originally from Amherst, Dusza attended Amherst High School: in his time there, he participated in band and played on the volleyball team. A fond memory he has from high school is when the football team broke their 17-year losing streak. “When they won, we all stormed the field. It was great,” Dusza said.

As a legacy, Dusza said that his main reason for coming to Canisius was that his parents are alumni. He was drawn to the journalism department and opportunities that were available here, so Canisius was a natural fit. Dusza, a freshman, is currently a double major in journalism and strategic communication, but he is planning on adding political science as a third major.

Dusza is passionate about politics, but, while he would love to be a politician, he doesn’t think it is the right path for him. “I think some of the ‘smoke-filled room’ deals interest me a lot. It seems like a ton of fun. But I don't think my conscience would allow me to do that now. So it seems like something that I think would be fun, but I just don't know if it's for me personally.” Instead of running for office, Dusza thinks that political journalism is more his speed. He would love to cover Capitol Hill; however, his dream job would be a presidential speech writer.

While his eyes are on Washington D.C., Dusza does love being from Buffalo. He is a firm believer in blue cheese accompanying his chicken wings, and his favorite place to eat in town is Lloyd Taco Factory. While he admits it’s a hot take, Dusza actually enjoys cabbage on his tacos over lettuce. His favorite place to shop is the one and only Wegmans. “It is so much more than a grocery store,” Dusza said: “It’s an experience.” As any good Buffalonian, Dusza loves to cheer on the Bills. He even has season tickets!

Dusza has written many important articles during his time with The Griffin. He has covered politics, campus events and has interviewed a handful of important people around campus. His favorite article he has written is when he covered the winter clothing drive, which supported the Afghan refugees. After writing this article, the organizer of the event reached out to him to let him know that they received multiple donations as a result of his article. The organizer praised Dusza for his efforts.

When it comes to The Griffin, Dusza has never turned down a challenge. He hit the ground running, publishing consistently strong articles each and every week. When it came time to choose an assistant news editor, Jon was a strong candidate. His transition from reporter to assistant editor was seamless: he has been a valuable asset to the news team ever since.

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