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Meet the Editor: Allie Meisner

Hannah Wiley, Asst. Features Editor

One of The Griffin’s newest editors, Allie Meisner, is a shining addition to the staff this semester. As one of two copy editors on the staff, she makes sure The Griffin has the grammatically correctest content that you expect each Friday. “I just do grammar fixes and kind of help make sure everything flows,” Meisner said, but we at The Griffin all know she’s a crucial part of making the paper happen and bringing it together each week.

Originally from Orchard Park, NY, Meisner isn’t new to the city of Buffalo. As a sophomore double major in creative writing and psychology, she explained that she chose Canisius after speaking with Professor Cochrane about the creative writing program: “I was really, really excited — he’s amazing.” Meisner said that after that, she was convinced that Canisius was the place for her!

Meisner joined The Griffin after coming to the general body meeting at the beginning of her freshman year. She had originally come out for the writing experience, and it turned out to be an amazing fit. “Everyone on The Griffin is super kind and fun to be around!” Meisner said. Her favorite part about being a part of The Griffin is just the atmosphere. Every Thursday, she looks forward to being in the office with everyone. “It's cozy,” Meisner said when describing the environment of the office.

When she’s not in The Griffin office, you can find her skillfully playing the violin for the Canisius Chamber Orchestra and working on the Quadrangle magazine, the executive board of which she just joined this year. You can probably also find her stopping for a bite to eat at Wegmans, where she raves about their California roll. “It’s a really expensive habit. It’s bad,” Meisner said, but I think all Buffalonians can relate to a Wegmans sushi addiction!

Allie says her favorite animals are dogs, and though she doesn’t have any pets currently she hopes to get a puppy in the future. You can also expect to see her jamming to Lana Del Ray, or really any kind of music, while walking to class or editing the grammar of every article to perfection.

So next time you find yourself looking at The Griffin and thinking, “Wow, this grammar is perfect and everything flows flawlessly!” just know how much of it is due to Allie Meisner!

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