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Last Week in Senate: Welcome United Students Association

By: Ava C. Green, Jon Dusza and Colton Pankiewicz

Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor and Sports Editor

Last week’s meeting was a historic one for the senate. Not only did they transition to a new executive board, but they also made the official transition from being the Undergraduate Student Association to the United Students Association, implementing for the first time the involvement of graduate students. 

The swearing-in of the new executive board was brief but heartfelt, with the family and friends of the new e-board in attendance. Incoming President Tim Sanders was sworn in by Jahare Hudson, incoming Executive Vice President Analee DeGlopper was sworn in by Gloria Uwizeye, and incoming Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations Aaron Hall was sworn in by Tim Sanders. The final swearing-in was of next year’s senators by Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development (S.E.L.D.) Jason Francey. 

Returning Vice President of Business and Finance (VPBF) Gabby Kaderli will be sworn in when she returns from Scotland in the fall. In the meantime, Anthony Tripi will be responsible for the VPBF duties.

The only piece of new business, brought up by Francey, regarded updates made to the United Students Association’s constitution. Francey noted that the majority of the changes were about club budgeting and the Finance Board. The constitution’s updates were ratified with no questions.

In his reasoning for the changes, Francey mentioned that the S.E.L.D. Office would be moving to a zero-based budgeting system, meaning that clubs’ yearly expenses have to be planned and justified before the beginning of the fall. This also means that the Finance Board will only have to meet when clubs need to request funds that they did not or could not include in their original budget request. 

The new e-board gave their first executive reports as the United Students Association, DeGlopper, and Hall both using their time to thank the senate, the students, and those who previously held their positions. Francey’s advisor's report echoed Sanders’ sentiments as he thanked and congratulated the senate for their work this past year and the foundation they’ve laid for next year. 

In his report, President Sanders called on the senators to be agents of change, saying, “Our future starts today.”

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