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Last week in senate

By: Jon Dusza and Ava C. Green, Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief

The Undergraduate Student Association (USA) held one of their weekly senate meetings, which commenced at 2:38 p.m., after a heated pre-meeting discussion about the appropriate condiment for sweet potato fries. To the surprise of this ranch-loving writer, the majority of the senators present, which was far less than usual this week, said honey was best.

President Hudson gave his executive report where he disclosed how he and the e-board would be meeting with President Stoute following the meeting. He said he planned on discussing the Public Safety escort program, Lyons Hall and a new performance space, as well as the incorporation of a “Divine Nine” (historically black) chapter of a sorority or fraternity on campus. Hudson surveyed the senate for questions and concerns that they would like him to mention in the meeting with Stoute.

Many different points of interest were brought up, but the focus seemed centered on the various changes to locations on campus and general use of space. They also mentioned Lyons Hall, as it would not be a 2023 USA meeting without talking about the late, great building.

In his report, Jason Francey, director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development (S.E.L.D.), detailed the new system in place for students to receive their complimentary NFTA-Metro pass. Students received an email on Wednesday, Oct. 24 including a link to a sign-up form for the passes. After filling out the form, students can pick their pass up during the S.E.L.D. office’s hours of operation. The passes will be valid for the entire semester, rather than changing by month. They will also be available for purchase for $2 if lost or damaged.

During the structured discussion, President Hudson asked attendees to share a positive aspect of their week. He said, “We have an important job, but we’re also gonna have fun while we’re at it," trying to get the shyer senators to open up too: “We’re all human.” He continued, “Let’s get to know each other.” The conversation was very wholesome with much laughter and applause.

The USA Senate will meet next on Friday, Nov. 3 at 2:30 p.m.

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