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Griff Fashion: Ava Green

By Kyra Laurie, Photo Director

Ava Green is a fashion icon and Canisius College is her runway. She wears a variety of outfits that are inspired by outstanding shapes and colors. By just taking one piece that she truly loves, she can complement or match a whole outfit to it.

In addition to her position as The Griffin’s assistant Features editor, Green also has a love for fashion. This, she says, developed while doing theater growing up. Green recalls that picking out costumes was always such a thrill and brought the shows to life for her. During quarantine, she had the opportunity to experiment with her personal style and taste. Green went to a private high school and wore a uniform, so being out of school forced her to wear “real” clothes everyday. Through this, Green expresses that the way you dress and present yourself is an opportunity to say a lot about yourself without having to actually say anything.

When choosing pieces for her wardrobe, Green loves thrift shopping. She believes it ruined regular shopping for her, because when she is looking at a piece of clothing in a traditional store she assumes it can be found thrifting for a fraction of a price. Green also has fun by challenging herself to buying pieces that are “borderline ugly” and trying to make them work for her personal style. One of Green’s favorite pieces in her closet is a brown zip-up hoodie that she wears multiple times a week and has an “unhealthy attachment” to.

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