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Editors Picks: Staff at The Griffin share what they will do this summer once vaccinated

Now that more and more Americans are getting vaccinated, people are beginning to make plans for the summer. Whether it's just spending time with family, going out to your favorite restaurant for the first time in a year or taking a road trip to a nearby city with friends, editors at The Griffin share their ideas and what they are looking forward to doing once they are fully vaccinated.

Mike Pesarchick: I’m looking forward to not having to remember a mask every time I go out. I’m looking forward to traveling, especially some kind of road trip through the back roads of New York and Pennsylvania and seeing a mess of small towns. I’m also looking forward to beaches of all shapes and sizes.

Jenna French: On May 10, I will receive my second dose of the Moderna vaccine and I hope to travel some more over the summer. I’m looking forward to traveling to Chicago and going camping with my family. Also, my friends and I are hoping to take a trip this summer. On top of traveling, I plan on working full-time at the restaurant I work at.

Natalie Faas: I am really looking forward to my fully vaccinated summer. My family and I can’t wait to go to baseball games with other vaccinated people. We also are very excited to go down to Pittsburgh to visit my boyfriend and maybe go to a Pirates game as well. I also am incredibly excited to start swimming in my pool with my parents and taking a break from school.

Julia Barth: I am officially fully vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and I am looking forward to spending my summer outside with friends and family. I have a pool at my house, and I can’t wait for the days where I can just have my group of friends over and be outside swimming in the sun all day. My family has planned a trip to Pittsburgh later this summer, and my friends and I are currently planning a trip to Chicago as well. Any destination outside of Buffalo will be thrilling after being at home for a year. I am beyond excited to actually have events and experiences to look forward to this summer and I can’t wait to take advantage of my time off in the warm weather.

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