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Editor’s Picks: What is your hottest take?

Maddy: The Swifties have gotten out of hand. This is coming from the girl who has worshiped Taylor and her lyrics since I listened to “Teardrops on my Guitar” on Kidz Bop, but the Twitter and TikTok storm that erupts every time she makes a public move has transitioned me towards taking a more quiet Swiftie stance. I thoroughly keep up with my girl Tay, but the people who are making edits of her and Travis Kelce following a single public appearance are the same people who were writing vows for her and Matty Healy a few months ago. Like, “You Need to Calm Down.” Although the jokes about this being our American Revolution following the broken pattern of lackluster English men are making this editor smile.

Mikayla: Apple is overrated. If the question is in general Apple vs. Samsung, I’m going with Apple. However, the hold Apple has on its loyal users is insane. The functionality and compatibility? Cool, but how they configure their products to make people buy more is downright evil. Apple doesn’t make their Macbooks with a touchscreen because they really want you to buy an iPad so you spend more money to spend on them! They may say it’s for other reasons but Apple, I just don’t trust or believe you. You may have a hold on many college students and young professionals with your “ecosystem,” but I’m not falling for it.

Sydney: I think that 7-Eleven can never compare to the absolute ambience of a Wawa. I get it may depend on where you’re from, so I’m most likely biased, but let me tell you. Every time I go back home, my friends and I take a trip to Wawa. It is likely that, as the number of things to do other than stare at grass in a field increases, the need for a Wawa substantially decreases; however, to look me in my eyes and say that a 7-Eleven offers the same thing is just blasphemous.

Jon: Thanksgiving kinda stinks. Of course, every holiday is inherently much better than any given regular day, but in the realm of holidays, Thanksgiving is very overrated. I see far too many people saying that it is their favorite holiday. Of course it is great to see family, but you see family on other holidays, too. Do the vibes around Thanksgiving compare to the vibes around Halloween or Christmas or the Fourth of July? There is no Thanksgiving music. Give me a rotisserie chicken before you give me a turkey. Cranberry sauce is disgusting. The parade is too early in the morning, so I only ever catch the end. Thanksgiving football is great, but it is not enough to close the gap between that and other holidays (unless my fantasy team does well). All Thanksgiving is really good for is having a few days off of school.

Kyra: Reality television is the best form of entertainment. I have never laughed or cried so hard over the most bizarre scenarios. For example, my favorite reality television show is Sister Wives. I have been watching this show since it aired in September of 2010 (to put that in perspective, I was 8 years old). The craziest thing about this show is that it truly has become a part of my personality. Another wife left Kody? I already know about it. Clickbait on Facebook about Robyn causing MORE problems? Mom and I are on FaceTime talking about it. I will talk about these people as if I know them and share their drama like wildfire. Name a regular television show that has this kind of a chokehold on its audience. I’ll wait.

Emma: I think that kids with siblings, in general, are inherently happier than only children. Obviously there are exceptions: there are many different factors involved in questions of familial happiness, and I still support people who decide to have only one child to dedicate their resources and attention to. But out of all the people I have met throughout my 21 years of life, I simply believe that adults who grew up with siblings as a whole are happier than those without. I think we’re better socialized and more well-adjusted than only children. Like, I’m sorry, but if you haven’t experienced a physical fight over a Monopoly game gone wrong by age 10, you’re just not on the same level as the rest of us.

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