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Editor’s Picks: What is the best part of spring at Canisius?

Maddy: I love spring on campus. It's something about the feeling of hope after a long winter or the end of another semester that just makes me weirdly emotional. I love seeing people in the quad and interacting in general, especially as we all feel the winding down of the year and get ready to head home. It just makes me do a weird smiley-cry situation.

Ava: As soon as the weather gets warmer on campus in the spring, everyone is out and about. I can’t help but smile while watching everyone playing Kan Jam; walking their dogs; or on a stroll, holding hands. As a frequent zoomies-haver, I go on a crazy number of walks once it warms up. It’s impossible to go on those walks without bumping into a few people you know. It’s also impossible not to fall in love with the feeling of slowing down for a minute, just catching up with them and soaking in the sun. 

Liz: Not slipping on the clown honk sidewalk because of the slush. Also the return of many plants. I love the greenery around campus, and I get excited to see the new flowers getting planted. This year is better than last year: daffodils are far superior to clown honk tulips.

Hannah: Coming back from spring break and the weather being nicer, everyone is outside in the quad… it's very peaceful. All winter we are stuck inside while it snows for days on end, and all of the sudden it's sunny and we can finally leave the seats we’ve claimed in the library and go outside, at least for a couple weeks until we all go home for the summer. The semester always gets crazy for everyone, so the warm weather feels somewhat peaceful in the best way. 

Ashley: I would have to say that the landscaping is my favorite part of spring at Canisius. Walking through the quad, greeted with fresh flowers along all the buildings has always been my favorite part of going here. I genuinely appreciate that Canisius takes care of the landscaping so attentively, because it is something I’ve always looked forward to. Their team does a great job year round and I hope they know it doesn't go unnoticed. 

Lucas: I’ve got to say, I love walking around. I’ll frequently go for a walk in Forest Lawn and Delaware Park. It is a season of rebirth: it can be so beautiful. Like Vivaldi’s “Spring” or “Rêverie” by Debussy, the music accompanying spring is superb. It is a time of peace and tranquility as the earth awakens after its long slumber during the winter months. 

Sydney: My all-time favorite thing about spring on campus is hearing the birds chirping while waiting for the walk sign between Lyons and Old Main. Watching the trees slowly revive after a winter in Buffalo is also an unbeatable event from springtime on campus. 

Jon: The smell of mulch is very nostalgic for me. It probably reminds me of childhood playgrounds or something. Whatever it is, it makes me feel calm and reminds me of summer.

Sophie: Counting down the days until I can go home.

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