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Editor’s Picks: Our Hot Takes

Natalie: Hot drinks are stupid. Drinks are meant to be refreshing: there is nothing better than an iced cold coke on a hot summer day. Iced coffee is the best thing ever created, and I simply will not accept any other opinions. I fill my cups to the brim with ice and it is glorious. There is no other way to enjoy a drink.

Sara: The Red Sox are better than the Yankees.

Julia: This might not be unpopular, but it’s definitely not talked about enough; and I’m going to get serious here for a second. We, as humans, should not be seeing all of the things that we do. With social media, we can literally see thousands of people, thousands of things and worst of all, thousands of different takes/opinions on a daily basis. It’s exhausting and bad for us. I’m just as guilty, too. Seeing pretty people on Instagram all day impacts us in ways we don’t even know; everyone on Twitter thinks they are high and mighty and superior; and don’t even get me started on the political discourse on TikTok — please, for the love of God, read an actual news article and don’t get your information about Russian-Ukrainian conflict from a himbo with a cell phone.

Jay: Every season sucks. Most weather bothers me. There’s maybe two days a year where the weather is perfect. I hate winter, snow is my least favorite thing on earth, summer is too hot and both fall and spring have too much wind for me to enjoy the temperatures.

Patrick: Political discourse is the most civil it’s ever been. Ask Alexander Hamilton.

Emma: Snapchat is the dumbest of all social medias. The streak system forces you to open the app every single day. Do you know how many things I don’t do every single day? Why should a little white ghost with an ugly yellow background have more consistency in my life than, I don’t know, my skincare routine? Absolutely not. I have read receipts turned off on my phone for a REASON: sometimes a girl wants to know what’s going on without feeling pressured to respond right away. Pass all around. Instagram >

Jon: A few years ago, I made the switch to YouTube TV from cable, hoping to cut costs. After all, most of what I want to watch is on YouTube or Netflix anyway, right? WRONG. Cutting the cord, as it has become known as, sucks. Therefore I submit to you that cable TV and things like it is not an archive of a bygone era, but the wave of the future. You get live TV with no delays, therefore no Twitter spoilers. You get all the channels that you want, without having to worry about television companies leaving one streaming service to start their own. And above all, it is cheaper, for you will not have to subscribe to 20 different platforms to get all the shows that you want to watch. Join me in my crusade against cutting the cord, and together we can see forth a truly newer world.

Ava: I am terrified to admit that I like Dunkin’ Donuts better than Tim Hortons. My high school had a Dunkin’ right down the road, and it was the place to be after school. There is an ongoing joke that your iced coffee from Dunkin either tastes like sewer water or the nectar of the gods and there is no in between: I can confirm this, and I can also say that when it’s good, it's real good. Also, munchkins is a way cuter name than timbits. Any food with the word “bit” in it isn’t the least BIT appetizing to me. Finally, I’m a girl that loves a good bagel, and Tim Hortons bagels don't even hold a candle to bagels from Dunkin’ and their notably hefty dollops of cream cheese. I rest my case.

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