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Editor’s Picks: Our favorite Halloween costumes

Ava: Last year, my sister and I were Alan and Stu from “The Hangover.” I thought I was committed for drawing on a beard and carrying around a fake baby, but my sister definitely one-upped me with a blacked-out tooth and Mike Tyson face tattoo drawn on with waterproof eyeliner. Yes, both stained.

Kyra: My freshman year of high school, two of my friends and I dressed up as elements of the periodic table. I was really nerdy as a kid and thought this was a REALLY good costume — some would even say it was Au (gold).

Maddy: I was roughly six when my mom bought me a “unicorn” costume. Essentially, it was a giant unicorn stuffed animal with no torso that I could step into, and it was held up by suspenders that I wore over my shoulders. In hindsight, I think I was supposed to be riding the unicorn, but I ran around and told everyone I WAS the unicorn. I wasn’t that smart. This was also the only costume that my mom didn’t ruin by making me wear a coat over it.

Jon: One of my favorite hobbies is celebrating the wrong holiday when it is that time of year, for example asking people if they are ready for Santa Claus to come down the chimney as we eat hot dogs on the Fourth of July. It gets a laugh around 5% of the time. With that in mind, my favorite costume I have worn was my Leprechaun costume from middle school. There is nothing like swapping out pumpkins for pots of gold on Halloween.

Connor: I’ve had plenty of exceptional halloween costumes over the years, but since I have to pick a favorite, I’m going to have to go with Perry the Platypus. I was much younger when I wore this, but when I think about it now, Perry is a great character. He protects Phineas and Ferb and the whole Tri-State area all while never being able to take credit for it. Perry is a legend, and I’m honored I was able to take up the mantle for one night. (P.S. Close runner ups included Indiana Jones with a brown marker drawn-on beard and my black morph suit costume).

Colton: I was a 78-year-old woman for Halloween my freshman year in high school. The purse with the bingo dabber to go along with it, plus the obvious wig and cane, really did the trick.

Sophie: My favorite Halloween costume was when I was Dustin from Stranger Things. Each person in my friend group was a character from “Stranger Things,” which was definitely the vibe of the time because Season 3 had come out earlier that year. In addition to my Dustin costume, we had Max, Eleven, Lucas and Robin. I insisted on being Dustin because I had the “Camp Know Where” shirt from Target. My friends also told me I looked like him. (Do I really?) In conclusion, it was a fun night, and we still went trick-or-treating at the ripe age of 15 years old.

Emma: One year when I was in middle school, my best friend Maddy’s mom made us costumes by hand so that we could go as a matching set. She sewed together a two-sided Oreo costume for me that I could step into with ease, and Maddy went as a glass of milk. The aesthetics of the costume were on point, obviously, but my favorite part of the whole thing was the immense effort that Maddy’s mom must have put into making us the stars of the Halloween show. Thanks, Mrs. Seymour!

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