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What's your favorite word?

Ava: Farts. I’m telling you, it’s the very best starting word you can choose when you’re playing Wordle… and it’s funny.

Connor: Apparatus. What a word.

Jon: Fruitless.

Madelynn: Chunk. Say it five times and tell me it’s not the single best word… chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk, chunk.

Sophie: Obese. The way it sounds is just funny to me.

Mikayla: Defenestration. Why is there such a fun sounding word for throwing somebody out a window? Why does a word for such a situation even exist? She’s mysterious.

Chloe: Dawg.

Sydney: Dilapidated. So much power behind something that equates to moldy bread.

Colton: Presumed.

Colin: Homeostasis.

Rebecca: Onomatopoeia. I can’t tell you what it means but I definitely remember how to spell it. Shout-out to Mrs. Lee, my high school English teacher.

Emma: I love the word inmediatamente in Spanish — it means “immediately,” and if you say it with enough power, I feel like it communicates that pretty well despite a potential language barrier.

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