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  • Julian Reynoso

Clubs Come Together to Celebrate Diversity

By: Julian Reynoso, Contributor

Six clubs from campus worked together to present the White Gala on Monday night in Grupp. The clubs that cooperated were CASU, Global Horizon, RHA, USA, Afro and LASAF.

The gala had an all-white theme with decorations that fit the occasion. Students were encouraged to wear formal white attire on the poster for the event. CASU president Cecile  Gihozo said the color for the gala was chosen because it was “elegant and emphasizes the fact that it’s a celebration of diversity.”

The gala began with a speech from former USA President Jahare Hudson, who introduced the presidents of each club and recognized them for their accomplishments throughout the year. As Hudson introduced them, each went up and delivered their own speech, thanking the attendees for coming and President Ghiozo, the one who came up with the idea for the gala.

After these speeches, there was a break for food which ran out rather quickly as students went to make second plates to take back with them. While students got their food, there was a non-alcoholic bar with sparkling fruity beverages, soda and water. SELD Grad Assistant Nikki Middleton could not partake in any of the sparkling fruit juice or else she would die due to her citrus allergy. 

The event following dinner was performances by the CrescenDONT’s. They rehearsed for their numbers in Regis, all dressed in white to fit with the theme of the event. The two songs they sang were “Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining” by Fleetwood Mac and “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles. 

A fashion show began once the CrescenDONT’s were finished. It started with students from the audience doing their own walks before the models went. The first set had the most students; the next was Lolife’s; and the last set was President Gihozo’s. As Ghiozo’s models formed a horizontal line, parting it to let her in the middle, they began clapping for her in celebration of her efforts.  

After the fashion show, students gathered in the center and began dancing with each other in a group. They danced to four songs that students requested the DJ to play. Nikki Middleton joined in upon Hudson’s request. Hudson gave her dance lessons until the new VPMPR of the United Student Association, Aaron Hall, joined, and he took over the lessons. Nikki claimed that VPMPR Hall was “a good teacher” for the moves she had to learn on the dance floor.

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