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Cancellation leaves Allen fans crestfallen

By Maddy Lockwood, Assistant Features Editor

As a die hard Bills fan and local Western New Yorker, I was devastated to open my email last Thursday morning to read that Josh Allen was not going to be able to be on campus the following Saturday. Allen was supposed to speak at Canisius’s Koessler Athletic Center, answer some of our burning questions and take photos with ninety lucky students who were fortunate enough to win photo tickets that also awarded them with a front row seat to the event.

Since Allen’s arrival at Canisius was announced back in the beginning of March I was ecstatic to finally have a chance to meet and even be in the presence of Josh Allen. Immediately, I was dreaming up ways in my head to have the opportunity to get in a photo with Allen or get as close as I could; even going so far as to make plans to camp out in front of the KAC before the event. I was one of the lucky students who won a photo and a front row seat after Petey’s birthday party on April 6.

My family has owned season tickets since 2018, Josh Allen’s rookie year. It has been safe to say that meeting Josh Allen is on my bucket list. I have had multiple friends and family members that have met him. Back in the fall, I missed my opportunity to meet him after he made a surprise appearance at the 11 Day Power Play, a Buffalo based fundraiser supporting Roswell Park.

Now that our event has been completely canceled, my disappointment has grown more as I saw that Allen was able to stay committed to other appearance obligations yet our event was canceled outright. Ultimately Allen’s appearance has been canceled and I feel that the entire Canisius community has been wronged. As a huge Josh Allen supporter I have been left confused and conflicted but ultimately hurting for myself, the Bills fans who were looking forward to this event, and the Student Programming Board who dedicated a lot of time and effort into the event that never happened.

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