• Jonathan Dusza

Buffalo to see potentially historic snowstorm

The Canisius Campus is closed today, Nov. 18 due to what has been forecasted as a potentially historic snowstorm in Buffalo.

As of Thursday evening, some forecasts predict up to six feet of snow hitting the city of Buffalo. If accurate, the storm would be one of the strongest Western New York has seen in years. Thursday night saw heavy traffic as people headed home in anticipation of the storm as well as packed grocery stores as people stocked up.

Canisius senior and Editor-in-Chief of The Griffin Julia Barth said that the Rite Aid on Delaware and Delavan near the college was packed with people.

The Buffalo Bills game has been moved to Detroit in anticipation of the storm due to concerns over transportation of both fans and players, a very rare move.

The storm has been compared to the “Snowvember” storm of 2014, where some towns in the southern tier got over six feet of snow. Whether or not the storm lives up to the hype is not yet clear, but Buffalo seems destined to see historic snowfall this weekend.

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