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Beyond the Dome: Biden signs funding bill into law as infrastructure vote moves to House floor

President Biden signed a spending bill into law on Thursday night, officially avoiding a government shutdown and extending funding temporarily through early December, according to The New York Times.

The spending bill passed with a vote of 65 to 35 in the Senate and 254 to 175 in the House, a successful margin that wasn’t achieved on Monday when Democrats tried to pass a similar spending bill. Republicans blocked that bill due to a provision that would allow the government to continue borrowing money and avoid a default. The spending bill passed on Thursday did not include that provision.

This bill will allow the government to continue functioning, giving Democrats crucial time to continue negotiations and put the infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion social spending bill up to a vote.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is looking to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill Thursday night. The Senate already voted in favor of the bill with bipartisan support, and if the House passes it through tonight it will be sent to the president’s desk to be signed off on.

The bill is on a rocky path, with some moderates hesitant to support it and notable progressives in the House saying they will refuse to support it without progress on the larger social spending policy, according to The New York Times.

The infrastructure bill is expected to be decided upon late Thursday night into Friday morning.

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